Crossing the pond

We turned in the rental car and buzzed through security (both of us now seem to get TSA pre-check regularly, so nice).  First flight was to Boston where we picked up our Iceland Air international flight. That flight went through Reykjavik, Iceland where we changed planes for the flight to Munich.  Never had done that route before, kind of nice that it broke the trip into a couple 4+ hour rides.  Bad part was the planes were smaller (2 x 3 seats per row) and you  had to buy any food other than snacks.  Al was still suffering from a tweaked back and was in a little discomfort.  He tweaked it carrying ice bags at our open house last week.  Other than that, uneventful trip.  We had time in Reykjavik for coffees and decided we would have to come back some day and explore.



First-ever passport stamp from Iceland

We were a little surprised that there was only a passport control at Keflavik (the name of the airport in Reykjavik), no customs forms or checks. And when we landed in Munich, there was no passport check or customs, we suppose because we were coming from another EU country. Easy peasy!

Once in Munich we headed for the train to get downtown to our hotel.  A nice train concierge at the ticket kiosk helped us get the right ticket.


Had a beer and let things relax a bit.