T minus 4 weeks

More logistics this past week…

  • In travel plans… We booked our room in Munich, and joined the Accor Hotels rewards plan to get a discounted rate. I figured it won’t hurt to get on as many plans like that as we can, for future travel. Also had a change in plans (part of the new flexible lifestyle!), and booked a week at a hotel in Bad Oldesloe to visit my sister and her family and work from there before our vacation in Cinque Terre. I think I did pretty well with my German in talking to the hotel owner on the phone, considering it’s been nearly two years since I’ve needed to speak it 🙂
  • I  (Sandy) made up flyers last weekend about our house listing on Airbnb, and took them around the local area. I was especially encouraged by talking to Pat and Tom at a nearby B&B (Chapel Valley Estate), who said that just last weekend they were looking for extra rooms for guests. They host a lot of weddings and other events, so I’m hopeful we can provide sort of overflow rooms for their guests’ families. We had a nice long conversation about our plans and travel in general, as well. I also spoke to the gentleman in charge of events at the Connoquenessing Country Club, which hosts weddings and golf events – he was also very interested in our plans, and thought it likely they would have guests looking for lodging. I also posted the flyers (with tear-off stubs having the URL of the house listing) at the local stores, with the thought that people may have guests coming to visit who need somewhere to stay. We’ve had 89 views of our house listing so far (6 via search), though no booking requests yet.
  • We made some further preparations for the house rental: Al installed a timer for the light on the flagpole in the front yard, and got it adjusted during the week for the current dawn/dusk – it’s now supposed to adjust itself as the season progresses. We applied for a commercial liability/casualty policy from Farmers, through our long-time family insurance agent. I set up accounts in Quicken for our rental business, and started entering the purchases related directly to that (the door lock, timer, etc).
  • Al ended up selling his Beemer to CarSense, as we didn’t really get any interest in the Craigslist listing, nor from his friends and colleagues. It’s been a little hard getting used to having only one car, but I guess we need to start getting used to having zero cars 🙂  Although we hope to try to live in places where we can actually walk to things or take public transportation, which isn’t possible where we live now. For example, the flat we’ve booked in England is within easy walking distance of a grocery store and 3 pubs, so I think we’ll be alright there 🙂
  • We worked a good bit on insurance this week. Canceled insurance on the BMW, added our son and his wife as drivers on the Fiat. Purchased travel insurance for this first excursion from World Nomads, which was recommended by several sources, including this Nomadic Matt article. This will cover emergency medical treatment, evacuation costs, travel cancellation/delays, our personal belongings (to some extent), etc. It was under $600 to cover both of us for the 5 months until we’re back in the US at the end of February, which I thought was pretty reasonable. We’re still working on US health/dental/vision coverage, deciding about COBRA from Al’s current employer versus the Marketplace plans. I also cleared up the outstanding health insurance claims from my leg injury in June, and scanned all those documents.
  • Al got a new laptop to replace the one he’s been using, which belongs to his employer. We chose the Lenovo Yoga 3 14, which is very light and got good reviews – should be great for traveling! He also changed phone plans from his employer’s plan, and went with the T-Mobile Simple Choice plan, again at the recommendation of Nomadic Matt. While US coverage leaves a bit to be desired (versus Verizon), this will give him unlimited text/data in most countries we’ll visit, which is fantastic. Sandy is still on Verizon with a global plan, which has worked fine in the past, but we might revisit that as we see how it goes.
  • We subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, so we’ll always have books to read on our phones/laptops 🙂

Another busy week! Now off to run some nomad-related errands in Cranberry…